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The Causes of Heartburn and Why You Should Take It Seriously

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Have you ever experienced feeling a burning sensation that starts in your upper abdomen and builds up just behind your breastbone and that the pain and burning sensation is often accompanied by a sour taste in your mouth? If you have, then you are suffering from a condition called heartburn. Although most people do experience […]

Heartburn: What Is It and Why Should You Be Concerned

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Whenever you drink beer, you feel something burning inside your chest located just behind your breastbone. It’s painful and it rises into the chest and radiates to your neck, throat, and angle of the jaw. You feel like vomiting but nothing comes out but just a bitter taste in your mouth. You’ve just experienced heartburn […]

Heartburn: Self Care and Medical Treatments Available

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Today, millions of people experiences heartburn. Some have mild cases of it while others have chronic or severe cases of heartburn. If you are also experiencing heartburn, then it would be wise if you follow these tips in order for you to properly manage or control it and prevent it from taking control of your […]